Windows Auto Zip Files in Folder

Last week I need to zip or compress each of numerous folders to save some space. I search in google if there is any tools or software like windows auto zip files, because it will be too tiring to do it manually. Then I know I can use 7zip executable in command prompt, and I also happen to know some useful trick. So here it is.

Tested on : Windows 7 32bit
Pre-requisites : 7zip command line tool
Objective : Zip every files on each folder in current path


[path]>for /F “delims==” %r IN (folderlist.txt) DO @7za a -tzip “..\” “.\%r\*.*” -mx5

Note: folderlist.txt contains a list of folder name in [path], generated using command ‘dir /b > folderlist.txt’

Logitech Bluetooth Headset Installation on Windows 7

So, this is my first post in 2014 (*and the 2nd post of the blog* ), banzai! xD

Here I want to take a note in which I have been working for a week to get it done: connecting Logitech bluetooth headset to my laptop with usb bluetooth dongle/adapter. I hope this unorganized tutorial could help you or anyone who face the same problem. Or maybe, this is just personal documentation so that I could reproduce the solution in the future in case I get amnesia or someting like that :p

This first version of tutorial will not provide any image or screenshot, so I expect you have doing every thing regarding this problem, from other source, and ended up here when your hope is about to fade away :p. I mean I expect you to understand each step, figure out which step you are now. Ok, let’s get started:

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Assalamu’alaikum! Hello everyone!

So..finally, this is my first post on my brand new homepage. Fyi, I already have this domain for almost 2 years I thought, yet I use it until now. Before this, I already have a blog hosted on blogspot, which I masked the URL and redirect it to this extended domain here. There are many posts about my daily life for the last few years, since senior high school I guess. Then, why do I make this new blog/site? There are some reason about this. Keep reading if you want to know the answer, otherwise just browse anything you want :p

My ‘official blog‘ there is written in Indonesia. When I bought this domain, I thought to use it as my professional blog as computer-sciense-related-something. There I will write many post related to my  profession, such as project I’m working on, code snippet, maybe a code library or two I develop on my own, tutorial, etc. At first I have this goal: to provide (another) sources for other people who may need it as I need it. I know there are a lot of another site providing–maybe the same–thing, but I also know there are no harm to post it anyway. Will it be a waste? I choose to answer no. I believe there is no futility in sharing knowledge. Until now, I have used many sources available on the web for my own good, why not I ‘repay’ it with the same thing? I think this is the main reason.

However, I started to think more about this. Rather than post to share knowledge, I can also use this blog to keep track about what I’m doing. You know, as a software developer, we often write up our own code and reuse it across many projects. A well documented code maybe not a problem, but it rarely does. Maybe I can just post the code here, and write any necessary explanation, so that’s when I need to use those code again, I need not to ‘dive deep’ in projects source code just to find the snippet I’m looking for. And for adsense international purpose, I like to write all post here in English. Maybe later I will use some transliteration/dual language tool to ease up local developer find my blog.

Lastly, a quick introduction maybe. My name is Yahya Muhammad, a muslim from Indonesia. I’m a bachelor-degree-by-next-september majoring in computer science. Currently employed as part-time programmer in Badr Interactive, a mobile apps focused start-up company located in Depok, West Java. I also have several private project, mostly for social purpose. I will write about all of that later, insha Allah.

I hope you like my blog! :-)